Our Core Values

At Rockwell we believe that integrity is an inherent element of security and stands as
the cornerstone of our company. You can trust Rockwell to deliver on promises without
compromising any moral or legal codes. Our actions are always in step with our words.

We empower our people to put the client first. That means doing whatever it takes to
deliver superior service. Our motto is simple: “Reach out and lend a hand.”

The details really do matter. At Rockwell our employees take pride in being ready to
work each day. Rockwell professionals are chosen for their desire to serve, their ability
to perform and their sound character. As a result you can be assured Rockwell security
officers are ready to handle your emergency when it happens.

At Rockwell we believe that our success is measured by how well we work together.
Although individual contributions are not discouraged we believe that at the end of
the day our real strength is with the collective Rockwell team. At Rockwell no one is
excluded from serving the client when duty calls. Don’t be surprised to see Rockwell
management standing post from time to time. The adage “Together we all achieve more”
is lived each and every day at Rockwell.

Our employees know their job better than anyone. They know what works and they
know what it takes to improve. At Rockwell we believe in listening to our employees and
encourage suggestions from them on how we can better serve the client.

A partnership must be built on mutual respect and trust. We trust our employees to do
the right thing. In return they trust us to fulfill our employment commitments. Those
obligations are easily

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